Find out how to get the most out of your employees with corporate yoga & music therapy.


Invest in Your Biggest Assets 

Your employees are the cornerstone of your company. Studies show that small investments into their well-being, like yoga & music therapy, can improve productivity, boost morale, increase focus, and foster communication, leading to positive returns for business owners


Corporate Yoga

Add a yoga program to your office to support the wellbeing of your employees. Corporate yoga offers a low cost way to provide a special incentive for employees to take care of their mind & body while at work. Sequences are designed to target the chest, shoulders, and hips--all of which can become tight from hours at the desk. Classes are accessible to all abilities and are great for beginners. 


Corporate Music Therapy

Need to invest in team building? Music therapy is a creative &  non-invasive way to facilitate communication and bolster success. Using evidence-based practices, active music making is shown to build group cohesion, encourage problem-solving, and reduce stress levels within the workplace. Try a new way of engaging your team when stressful changes are happening in the office. 


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